London Sex Fair Gets Crazy

London Sex Fair Gets Crazy


From The Advertiser

LONDON whipped the "No sex please, we're British" attitude into submission today as leather and PVC-clad punters squeezed into the world's largest adult lifestyle fair.

Erotica 2007, a three-day fest at the giant Kensington Olympia exhibition venue, is expecting to attract more than 80,000 sexually curious visitors for its 10th annual event.

"Romance, seduction, divine torture – whatever you desire we can provide," program editor Carol Milligan said.

"Sleek designs and couture creations – from pendants to corsets to life-size sculptures are among our selection from thousands of products on offer at this year's show: fashion, lingerie, footwear, jewellery, toys, films, art, books and games, not to mention fetish furniture and equestrian equipment."

Tango’s Take It is pretty hard to keep a stiff upper lip when someone is whipping you with a riding crop. We learned that one the hard way. And is a riding crop even used in anything outside of S&M these days? Can’t reins, spurs, and stirrups handle the whole mission? Wow, that paints a kinky picture. Outside of product purchases, it seems like an erotic festival may be a great place to meet someone into your particular brand of fetish. We mean everyone there is clearly into some crazy stuff, so you let your freak flag fly. There’s one sticking point though: Some percentage of attendees are either there on a lark, as an investigative reporter, or as a nut job looking to give someone more than they bargained for. There is no way to guess the ratio of legitimate bondage enthusiasts to undercover haters or Boy George. Tango has a great article on getting started in the S&M game. Click here.

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