Jonathan Rhys Meyers Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women


Los Angeles - Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had 200 one-night stands.

The August Rush actor used to bed lots of different girls but gave up his promiscuous ways because he got "bored" of sleeping with strangers.

He said: "I got bored of one-night stands when I was about 26. They were fun when I was young but now I'm 30 I think they're meaningless and dull. I won't say how many I've had it could be two, it could be 200."

Jonathan also revealed he has one rule when it comes to sleeping with his female co-stars - don't have sex with them on the first day of rehearsals.

Tango’s Take “But if I did have to guess, I would say closer to 200 than 2, if you know what I mean.” Pffft. If you’re number is 200, why do you even mention it? We knew a guy called Pretty Tony that slept with like 50 women in four years of college. If he was famous and could keep up that pace until he was 30, it could easily crack 1,000. 200. Colin Farrell probably heard that and was impressed because he thought he meant last year. Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain reportedly had sex with 20,000 women. Now that dude was a swordsman and possibly a bit of an exaggerator.