Study Shows 40% Of Japanese Couples Talk Less Than 30 Min. Per Day

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40% Of Japanese Couples Talk Less Than 30 Min. Per Day

From Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) - Almost 40 percent of Japanese married couples speak to each other less than 30 minutes a day, with more wives than husbands contemplating divorce, a recent survey revealed.

The poll, which surveyed 1,200 married people and released last week by insurer Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co, showed that couples in their 40s spend the least time chatting -- almost 54 percent of husbands and wives in that age group spent less than half an hour per day talking with each other.

It also found that a third of the couples who talk for less than 30 minutes a day do not feel any love for their partner.

Tango’s Take 30 minutes? 40% of Japanese couples talk to each other less than 30 minutes a day? That is something else. They say that most communication is non-verbal but this is a little crazy. Although, Japan is the home of Kabuki. They could be doing some crazy miming, and the Westerners translating the results of the study could just be missing out culturally. That seems like a stretch though. Living in Japan has to be stressful. With the long workdays, flashing lights, kitschy pop culture, cramped living conditions, and reticence to change. It’s looking like some of these husbands are going to have to samurai-up and communicate or they may have to commit marital hari kari.

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