Hulk Hogan To Be Divorced

Hulk Hogan To Be Divorced


From E!Online By Sarah Hall

Apparently, Hulk Hogan doesn't know best when it comes to his marriage.

The retired wrestler was reportedly blindsided by the news that his wife, Linda Marie Bollea, had filed for divorce after 24 years together.

Court documents show that Bollea, 48, filed a petition for dissolution of marriage on Tuesday.

Reached for comment Friday by the St. Petersburg Times, Hogan, 54, said he was unaware of the development in his marital status and thanked the reporter for the "great information," before hanging up the phone.

Tango’s Take We’re getting some conflicting reports on this one. There are a few things that are agreed on: 1) Divorce filings have been made. 2) The family is in tough shape after son Nick’s car wreck-cum-felony reckless driving incident.
Things get a little fuzzy after that. TMZ is reporting that Linda B, despite filing for divorce, desperately wants to reconcile. And there seems to be a little disagreement whether the Hulkster saw this coming. E! is reporting that he was informed by a reporter calling for a quote and TMZ says that his lawyer told him. All we know is that A) we’re hoping for reconciliation, and B) we would not want to be cross-examined by his lawyer. “Oh yeah brother, these 24-inch pythons of justice are going to come down on you. Me and my tag-team partner, the venerable David Thompson, Esq. are going make you wish you were never born. Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania makes a visit to your witness stand?” We can all agree that it is in no one’s interest to see Brooke Hogan make an album about how sad this divorce has made her.

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