Study: 40% Of Women Prefer Shopping To Sex

Study: 40% Of Women Prefer Shopping To Sex


From Daily Mail By Neil Sears

Four in ten women would rather go shopping than have sex, researchers say.

And half of those who have been married for 20 years or more would happily get by without any at all.

The statistics may sound like an insult to their husbands. But there is some good news for men – 72 per cent of wives still fancy their partners, giving them seven out of ten or higher on the scale of sexual attractiveness.

Nor does the figure diminish with age. More than half of those who have been married for 20 years agree.

Tango’s Take This news begs a very simple, very important, very straightforward question: Are 40% of women doing it wrong? We ran a poll a while back that stated only 20% of women (or so) could orgasm from sex alone. Does everyone know that? Is there a way to turn a shoe-gasm into an orgasm? Could your shoe fetish constructively be brought into the boudoir? Can you invite your bloke shopping with you and put on a sexy fashion show in the dressing room?
On the other hand, 60% of women could be missing out on really great shopping experiences. We wonder if the geniuses at Macy’s are behind this program. And was Sex And The City really more about the sex, the city, the girls, or the clothes?

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