Study Reveals That Marriage Keeps People Looking Young

Study Reveals That Marriage Keeps People Looking Young

 Believe it or not, she's 45.

From The Daily Mail By Emily Cook

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The secret of looking younger has been revealed - and it is bad news for thin, impoverished singletons who smoke and drink too much.

According to researchers, a happy family life and plenty of money are the best factors for keeping the years at bay.

Their study looked at the combined effects of lifestyle, medical history and diet on the way that men and women age.

It discovered that such factors can make up to seven years difference in the way you look.

Tango’s Take Oh man, Amy Winehouse is totally effed. So, the way to stay young is to have money, keep the drugs, booze, and cigs to a minimum, eat right, exercise, and have a happy marriage. Well great. Does this account for why almost every single Hollywood-type looks banged up after 40 years in the biz? Is this why women find older dudes so attractive? Well, we just traded our last pack of smokes in a bin with a bottle of Jack Daniels, Vicodin, bronzer, birth control, and divorce papers for Prozac and season tickets to the opera. This had better work. If we give up a lifetime of booze-fueled, weekends in the tropics full of unprotected sex and painkillers and our skin doesn’t look young and supple, someone is going to get a first-class scowling.

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