Queen Of England Shares 60th Wedding Anniversary With Commoners

From The Press Association The Queen shared her "very special" milestone with Diamond Wedding anniversary couples who married on the same day. Eight husband-and-wife pairs from across the UK had a surprise meeting with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the end of their celebratory service at Westminster Abbey. Just like Princess Elizabeth and Lt Philip Mountbatten did 60 years ago, the couples also married on Thursday November 20 1947. At the west door of the church, they were introduced to the Queen and the Duke after being specially invited to the service which marks Tuesday's royal anniversary. Tango’s Take Nice. Sharing a wedding day and date with a celebrity (particularly the sovereign of your country) is a big deal. We get jazzed reading about the celebs who share our birthdays. We wonder if they put some sort of release into the paper that said, ‘You there, come share your anniversary with the Queen.’ Or if they used their pull to commandeer records from some Office of Marital Affairs (if such a thing exists). They should have gotten Helen Mirren and James Cromwell (who played Queen Elizabeth and Duke Philip in The Queen) to tag along. The name ‘Cromwell’ may not be particularly popular with the English monarchy though. Whatever the case, 60 years of being married is pretty impressive. Way to go, Queen. Please click here to see more on Oliver Cromwell. Read More Of The Original Article…

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