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Have Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Rekindled their Romance?

Buzz, Heartbreak


The 22-year-old blonde beauty - who ended her relationship with the prince two weeks ago after finding text messages from another girl on his mobile phone - decided to give Harry another chance after he promised he would change during an intense meeting over the weekend.

A friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Chelsy was always going to take him back but wanted him to sweat a bit. Harry pestered her with texts and calls and proved to Chelsy he can't bear to be without her.

Tango’s Take
See a Dish from November 13th on UK bookies laying odds down on Harry’s next conquest. We wonder if Chelsy Davy even had odds. If not, house wins again. The House of Windsor may have won too. Prince Harry has a bit of a rep for being a cad (Dirty Harry the tabloids call him). Can you imagine if he didn’t have at least a partial girlfriend? And if he somehow befriended Colin Farrell? Good night. We figure that these fake breakups sometimes reinvigorate flagging relationships and sometimes they just delay the inevitable. Good thing for the monarchy that Wills and Kate Middleton appear to be doing well (though they split and reunited under similar circumstances earlier, hmm, see our Dish from June 25th on that one).

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