Paul McCartney's Offers Heather Mills Smaller Settlement

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Paul McCartney's Offers Heather Mills Smaller Settlement

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Sir Paul McCartney has slashed his divorce offer by £43 million following estranged wife Heather Mills' TV outbursts.

The Beatles legend, who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Heather, is said to be fuming after she attacked him on several UK and US TV shows and has now offered her just £7 million.

A source said: "The war between them has just gone to a new level. Paul knows she will go all out to damage his reputation."

Tango’s Take Is there any clear or credible news on this case? Seriously, we’ve heard that they met in private and hammered out a number. We’ve heard that a judgment was imminent. We’ve heard that the Mills legal team was canned. We’ve heard it all. How ‘bout this? How ‘bout we all kick in like 50 bucks and make this thing go away. Mills supporters get to know that she’ll be taken care of. Macca supporters get to know that he doesn’t have to spend one more penny. Win-win for them and a win for everyone one else on Earth. On top of that, Heather Mills is not going after dairy-enthusiasts. Essentially blaming them for global warming and suggesting cat and rat milk as alternatives. You know what’s not a good way to get the public on your side? Attacking ice cream.

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