New Study Shows That Our Understanding Of Alcohol And Pregnancy May Be Flawed

New Study Shows That Our Understanding Of Alcohol And Pregnancy May Be Flawed

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Shocking new information about drinking alcohol during pregnancy.  Healthwatch reporter Kellye Lynn says a review of existing studies finds binge drinking may not be all that bad for baby.

Although consistently drinking large amounts of alcohol during pregnancy has been found to be harmful to a developing fetus, this latest review offers surprising information about binge drinking.

When Kirby James found out she was pregnant, the occasional alcoholic drink she once had stopped.

"Once you find out you're pregnant, I think it's all about your baby, not you anymore," she said.

Tango’s Take OK. How about this? How about just don’t drink while pregnant? It’s not hard. Here’s what you do: get ripped drunk then get pregnant then stop drinking entirely for 9 months then drink moderately to sparingly while breastfeeding then repeat. It’s not a hard concept. Yes, women do bare the brunt of repopulating the planet. It’s not fair. Someone should take up with the home office. The above news is good; it is good to know that a single instance of lapsed judgment will not condemn a child to a lifetime of idiocy. But, let’s not take that chance.

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