Sarah Michelle Gellar Now Sarah Michelle Prinze

Sarah Michelle Gellar Now Sarah Michelle Prinze


From Us Weekly

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has changed her famous three-part moniker as a fifth wedding anniversary present to actor Freddie Prinze Jr. The couple was wed September 1, 2002.

A source close to the 30-year-old star tells Us Weekly,"She officially changed her name to Sarah Michelle Prinze" in honor of the occasion.

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Tango’s Take SMG is now SMP. According to Us, she is going to keep SMG as her stage name. Sounds lucrative. We can’t believe that she and Freddie Prinze’s boy have been married for five years. Back then we thought, ‘Hmm, that’s sort of a strange pair, hope it works.’ And now it’s like, ‘I sort of forgot about them, way to stick it out guys. When with the Chicos?’ SMG is following the most famous Housewife Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria Parker) and everyone’s favorite cougar Demi Moore (Demi Moore Kutcher) down this traditional path. By the way, isn’t it sort of amazing that Demi is taking Ashton’s last name and it never happened to Bruce Willis. It’s like the 1980’s never happened. In a bad way.
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