Single Senior Woman Are Actually Fairly Healthy

Single Senior Woman Are Actually Fairly Healthy


From Reuters By Paul Majendie

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Women over 60 feel much healthier and happier living alone and revel in their lifestyle as so-called senior singletons, a study showed on Thursday.

A classic example was 79-year-old former Bond girl and "Avengers" TV star Honor Blackman who said: "What I've learnt from my two marriages and divorces is that I'm not much good at living with other people."

The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, looked at the growing social and health implications of people living alone -- Britain now has more people aged over 60 than it does children.

"In England, older women rated their health better if they lived alone," the study concluded.

Tango’s Take Don’t call them spinsters; they are single and lovin’ it! She’s Sally O’Malley, she is fifty-years old, she can kick, stretch, and kick. She’s fifty! We miss Molly Shannon. Anywho, this survey is a little bit contrary to what common wisdom has always taught us. Typically, older folks get fairly lonely when, ahem, alone. We’re willing to bet dollars to donuts (you’re dollars, we’re donuts) that this survey would not have the same results if conducted on men. Older dudes tend to not do so well on their own. Once again, it looks like the Golden Girls was waaaaay ahead of its time.

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