Chinese Doctors Develop Alternative To Vasectomy (Not Abstinence)

Chinese Doctors Develop Alternative To Vasectomy (Not Abstinence)

From China Daily

Doctors in Guangzhou have developed a new birth control method for men that could be made available to the public starting next year.

The surgery involves making a small incision along the testicles. Doctors then place a tiny tube, about the size of a match, into the opening.

The tube functions as a filter that blocks sperm, said Wu Weixiong, the director of Guangzhou Family Planning Technology Center.

The surgery has already been patented, and the health department will promote it as soon as it is approved by the National Food and Drug Administration.

Tango’s Take Note to everyone involved, this sounds like a really bad idea. We’ve been party to some really bad ideas: like, ‘hey let’s videotape ourselves having an orgy,’ ‘yeah, that hooker looks like a cop, but that’s probably her shtic,’ and ‘Let’s all get Green Day tattoos, they’ll never sell-out.’ An inter-ball sack tube that blocks/ filters sperm sounds awful. Also, most guys would probably blanch at having their bag cut open and a matchstick inserted. Where does the excess sperm go? It’s probably just absorbed back into the body, just as a vasectomy does. We know that innovation makes the world go-round, but let’s stick with the traditional vasectomy for now. While the nut tube may be easier to reverse than the vasectomy (and there is no real proof that it is), it sounds awful.

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