Target Sells Designer Wedding Gowns For Less Than $200

Target Sells Designer Wedding Gowns For Less Than $200



CLEVELAND - Women spend an average of $1,000 on their dress for their wedding day, but Target hopes to change that without sacrificing style. The giant retailer is selling dresses online targeting budget-conscious brides. There's an array to choose along with accessories, all for under $200 -- definitely a way to help bring down the cost of the big day.

Elizabeth Harris is getting married and looking to cut costs.

She tried four of the dresses, fashioned by designer Isaac Mizrahi.
Tango’s Take Isaac Mizrahi? We know some brides-to-be that would tear a department store apart brick-by-brick for a discounted Mizrahi. We know some brides that would consider trading their firstborn for a designer dress. We only have two real questions: 1) Are women going to be clowning on brides for wearing the discounted dress? 2) Does this now make it waaaaay more likely to see women with no marriage prospects on the horizon buying these dresses just in case and then using them as designer ham napkins?

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