Pennsylvania’s Marriage Laws Are Confusing

Pennsylvania’s Marriage Laws Are Confusing


From The Associated Press By Joe Mandak
Officials who issue marriage licenses in Pennsylvania have been busy this year defending the state's marriage law, or at least each county's interpretation of it.

In recent months, judges have been called upon to answer these questions:

Must a county issue licenses for couples who want to marry in nonreligious ceremonies without anybody officiating? Answer: They must.

May counties refuse a license to an immigrant who wants to marry a citizen if the immigrant fails to provide proof of legal residence? Answer: They may not.

Are marriages valid if performed by people who were "ordained" by online churches in a matter of minutes and have no congregation? Answer: No.

Tango’s Take Yow. A couple was (not) married for ten months before they found out that their marriage was not on the up and up. This was due to the guy presiding over their nuptials having got his ordination online. In hindsight, should they have just gotten no one to officiate their ceremony and they could have been in compliance with the first law? What would have happened if they had a kid in that time? What if they would have bought some property together? Did she change her name (or him for that matter, it is the 90’s)? Did they have to return the gifts? Do they go on a new honeymoon? There are too many questions. We hope that they make couples sign something saying that they understand these rules.

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