Owen Wilson Dating A 25-Year Old Model From Missouri

Owen Wilson Dating A 25-Year Old Model From Missouri


From US Weekly

Owen Wilson is stepping out with a new blonde stunner — and it’s not Jessica Simpson.

Usmagazine.com has learned that Wilson’s current squeeze is One Model Management catwalker Le Call, 25.

The pair (who met through friends) have been dating casually for several weeks but are seeing a lot of each other, a source close to Wilson tells Us.

“She’s a sweet girl with a great heart,” says the source. “She helps keep Owen grounded.”

Tango’s Take That a guy. We’re glad that he’s turning things around. We’re also pretty amped that he’s not involved with Jessica Simpson. Sure she’s pretty and seems nice, but he could probably do without her brand of loony, at this point. We’re also glad that this new relationship is surfacing around the time that the Heath Ledger-Kate Hudson rumors were kicking in. We know that you’re supposed to keep witty comments to a minimum when death is involved (unless the departed is a total J-hole or you’re an action hero), but it is crazy how much this Owen Wilson thing resembles Wedding Crashers. From falling in love with an unavailable hottie to the bicycle rides to getting dumped for bad behavior to the whole ‘reading don’t kill myself books.’ We’re just glad that a verbally abusive Chris Robinson didn’t get punched out by Vince Vaughn. We wonder if this is the end of the Kate and Owen saga.

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