Bookies Develop Odds On Prince Harry’s Next Special Lady

Bookies Develop Odds On Prince Harry’s Next Special Lady


From BettingChoice.co.uk By Richard Alkman
Jeepers, batten down the hatches and lock up one's daughters! After splitting with his girlfriend at the weekend Prince Harry is already riffling through his little black book to ponder his next move. And fittingly enough, Paddy Power have opened a book of their own on this specials betting market, providing odds on which lucky Lady will be next in line to, erm, His Majesty.

According to reports, the Prince split with his Zimbabwean girlfriend of three years, Chelsy Davy, at the weekend – a break-up that is sure to boost the hopes of hundreds of wannabe princesses, not to mention the coffers of a nightclub near you – assuming you live in Kensington, Chelsea or Belgravia. It has also prompted Paddy Power to offer odds on who will become Dirty Harry's latest conquest.

Tango’s Take These UK bookies move fast. As far as we know, Harry and Chelsy only broke up over the weekend. For the odds-makers to scan the list of possible candidates, analyze them, and set numbers against them in this short time is next to amazing. We suppose that the royals’ relationships are an open target for odds-makers. It must be tough setting soccer odds when all of the games end by one goal. And it must be even tougher setting odds for cricket since no one really understands how it is played or scored. So they have rugby and royal relationships left to bet on. We would like to start seeing odds on celebrity baby genders and length of time that a celeb couple sticks it out. Check out our Dish from November 12th for more on the Harry-Chelsy split.

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