Success Puts Strain On Marriage According To Singer David Gray

Success Puts Strain On Marriage According To Singer David Gray


From By Hannah Jones

Fame almost cost David Gray his marriage

MUSICIAN David Gray has revealed how his fame and fortune nearly cost him his marriage.

The singer, who was raised in Solva in Pembrokeshire, says his worldwide success heavily impacted on his 15-year marriage to Olivia, a solicitor.

The singer began his recording career in 1991 and released three albums before it took off in 2006 with his multi-million selling album White Ladder, which still remains the fastest ever selling album in Ireland.
Tango’s Take “Singer David Gray says success strained marriage,” or so he’s heard. Honestly, this guy just loves to babble on, doesn’t he (buh dum pah)? Despite the strain that Gray claims, he seems to have done a great job of holding his life together. He claims that the touring showed his lack of commitment to his marriage, but it was really just paying career dues. Sure, we have no idea what went on during his tours (evidently, tours are a little like Las Vegas). But the fact that he and his lawyer wife are still together is pretty good. Seriously, she, like Star Jones, is a lawyer. Not only that, the UK is one of the most divorce-friendly countries on Earth. If she wanted out, she would have gotten a good deal. We think that David Gray is using reverse psychology. He’s saying that his marriage was rocky but gives evidence to the contrary. Brilliant. We may purchase Babylon from iTunes for that one, David Gray.

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