Weekday Weddings Growing In Popularity

Weekday Weddings Growing In Popularity

From The Rochester Democrat And Chronicle By Diana Louise Carter

(November 12, 2007) — Caitlin Ormond thought a year would be plenty of time to plan her wedding with fiancé Adrian Blaszczak.

Little did she know that many brides and grooms reserve chapels and reception spots two years in advance. So when Ormond, 23, started looking into venues last summer for weekend dates in late July 2008, they were all booked.

Then she became friends with someone who had a wedding on a Thursday evening at Ormond's dream location — Casa Larga Vineyard — and an idea was born. Why not get married on Thursday, July 24, 2008?

Casa Larga became more available and affordable with a midweek date. Ormond estimates she'll save more than $1,000 compared to booking on a Saturday, when she would have been required to pay for a 210-person minimum instead of for the 75 guests she expects.

Tango’s Take Sure you can have a weekday wedding, but that’s sort of tough to do to guests. Particularly if the wedding is in Rochester, New York. It is hard to get there. And if there’s weather, forget about it. One of the schools up there, Rochester Institute Of Technology (RIT) has tunnels because of this crazy weather. Granted weddings aren’t democracies (they’re cruel dictatorships run by possessed mothers-of-the-bride), but if you put it to a vote, we’re willing to bet that most of the guests would prefer to chip in and make up the difference in cost. It’s a real money-loser for them. Those vacation days don’t grow on trees. Maybe they can save a little bit on airfare by not flying on the weekend. Are all venues even available during the week? And how about the clergy? Don't they deserve some time off?

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