Kate Hudson Made Out With Heath Ledger

Kate Hudson Made Out With Heath Ledger


From The New York Post’s Page Six By Richard Johnson

November 12, 2007 -- FORGET Dax Shephard; Kate Hudson has moved on to an actual movie star. Hudson, having dumped funnyman Shephard, was linked to Dane Cook, but Thursday night she only had eyes for Heath Ledger. Spies at Beatrice Inn said they spent their evening at the trendy watering hole "kissing and making out."

Tango’s Take As long as they were kissing and making out. Sometimes those two things are mutually exclusive. We wonder how these guys even met. Sure everyone in Hollywood knows everyone else but somehow they’ve never been in a movie together (except for Four Feathers, but did anyone actually see that?). We wonder how Owen Wilson feels about this. From his perspective it’s probably a little better that she’s off the comedic actors and onto the serious ones. Who knows though? These guys could make a pretty good couple. They both have a kid. We wonder how Kate Hudson feels about Heath and Michelle Williams’ plan to have identical rooms at their respective homes for their daughter. We’ve got a feeling that it’s her kind of crazy. Check out the Dish on that plan.

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