The Last Stiletto


With my first dress fitting right around the corner, it was time to go out and buy my wedding shoes. I’m a huge fan of stilettos, but I’ve worn enough to know that no matter what comfort gimmick the designer has going for them, at the end of the night my feet are always crying out for the brawny hands of a burly baker to knead out the knots the way he would knead a tough roll of sour dough.

I was shocked and disappointed that the only shoes I really liked were in the three-and-a-half to four inch range of heel heights, not to mention over $300. With so many on the shelves, I can only assume it’s what customers want, and herein lies my shock. Most shoes are not visible under a wedding dress, so why spend the money and endure the cruelty of a shortening Achilles tendon for the sake of a stiletto that would never peek out from under my French bustled duchess satin?

It’s the La Perla lace bra no one ever sees, the Judith Leiber Swarovski studded pill box that hasn’t left the bureau top, and Christian Louboutin’s whose red soles are too precious to tread on off of a carpeted floor. For some women, the most sacred of accessories are ones that no one else will ever see. Their secret lives in the hidden corners of our closets, inside their dust guarding felt bags, and wrapped in the tissue paper the salesperson sent home with us make them that much more cherished. Special shoes are amongst the most sanctified of these accessories.

A woman’s wedding shoes are the last shoes she will put on as a bachelorette and the first shoes she will take off as a married woman. To deny your passion for fashion in one of your favorite genres of accessory at such an important time may be considered sacrilege by the stiletto pioneers.

I struggled with my love of fierce footwear and fear of bunions before the age of 30, when I decided to go with a low peep toe kitten heel. To make up for my moderately bland shoe choice, I have opted to bring out my personality in this honorable foot ornament by doing my own modifications. Some crystals, a jumbo satin bow, whatever gives them that special breathless sigh of a beautiful shoe, this design elevator has no weight capacity. When my handy work is done my last pair of shoes as a single gal  (Video of a Single woman in heels) and first pair of shoes as a married woman will be better than any store bought stiletto triumph, because they will be a true representation of me. Bucking tradition, one of a kind and just a little bit risky.