Suspected Wedding Dress Smuggler Is Arrested

Suspected Wedding Dress Smuggler Is Arrested


From Fox 11 News By Alicia Barrón

A man was arrested by border agents for allegedly attempting to smuggle millions of dollars in wedding dresses into Mexico.

Alejandro Parra-Ruiz, 31, a resident of Laveen, Arizona, was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on November 1. He is charged with attempting to smuggle $3 million worth of wedding dresses from the U.S. into Mexico in April of this year.

Border agents discovered a trailer full of wedding dresses when a commercial driver allegedly hired by Parra-Ruiz tried to re-enter the U.S. with the cargo after he was denied entry into Mexico at the Nogales port of entry.

Tango’s Take “What? I got like ten sisters. Dees dresses is for them. They ain’t stolen. You gotta believe me. Oh!” We may have just confused a New Jersey stereotype with a Mexican one. Oh well. We’re not sure how exactly to get there but we think that there is a connection between wedding dress smuggling, the war on drugs, and international child labor. Maybe the dresses are so valuable because of a crackdown on child labor and the same forces that smuggle drugs into the US are now using their skills to exfiltrate dresses to Mexico. NAILED IT. Whatever the ‘why’ is behind this caper, we know that $3 million is a lot of wedding gowns. Or one big one, made of uranium.

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