Rumor Has It That Heather Mills Has A Private Settlement And Canned Her Legal Team

Rumor Has It That Heather Mills Has A Private Settlement And Canned Her Legal Team

From The Times By Frances Gibb

A deal hammered out between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills in private yesterday may be the most costly divorce settlement in recent years – but it could save the couple as much as £1 million in legal fees.

When divorcing couples fail to agree on a financial settlement, the case goes to trial and the legal costs soar. One leading divorce lawyer said yesterday: “The costs to date in this case have probably reached £750,000 to £1 million already – or more, if you take into account all the public relations teams and others involved. Were it to go to a trial, you are probably talking of doubling that figure.”

Tango’s Take This is too good to be true. Is this thing finally at an end? We’ve heard this before, right? Wasn’t she supposed to get a check for $200 million? How is this still going on? We always thought that the UK was all about quickie divorces. Let’s just give her what she wants if she promises to stop talking.

We also caught an article in Hello Magazine that discussed Heather and her law firm, Mishcon de Reva, going their separate ways. Rumor has it that the split was over money. They must be expensive. This gives credence to the idea that Paul and Heather might be handling this whole thing a bit more amicably. Or at least with more fiscal responsibility. Hopefully, there is an end in sight. At some point, Macca should figure out the difference between how much he wants to pay and how much she wants and let public donations make up the gap. It would be worth it not to hear any more about this.

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