Young Britons Put Self At Risk - Having Sex Abroad

Young Britons Put Self At Risk - Having Sex Abroad

From Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - One in five young Britons has sex with a new partner when travelling abroad, putting them at risk of contracting HIV and other diseases, researchers said on Thursday.

Most pick fellow Britons or Europeans, apparently believing this minimises the chances of HIV infection, but they are largely unaware of the dangers of other sexually transmitted infections.

With overseas travel soaring due to low-cost flights, holiday 'flings' represent a risky pattern of behaviour that should be better targeted by healthcare authorities, according to Dr Catherine Mercer of University College London.

Tango’s Take
Listen up, it wouldn’t be called Bangkok unless that’s what the kids went there to do. And where does one even know where to find prophylactics when traveling internationally? Does anyone really know how to spell ‘condom’ in Czech? And isn’t catching a bit of something or other during spring break or a gap year just a rite of passage? We believe that ‘holidating’ has its place but should only be engaged in with a maximum of precautionary measures. Save the raw-dogging for people that you know are clean.

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