New, Simple Dating Site Launches

New, Simple Dating Site Launches



 From The Bostonist

Online dating is becoming as big of a commitment as a serious relationship. The applications and endless profile-building keep you chained to your computer when you could be out meeting The One or at least adding to your repertoire of Hell-Date stories., which is launching today in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, strips the online-dating process down to its bare bones. promises to get you interacting with as many people as possible as soon as possible, which reduces the chance of a sizzling online romance fizzling with an in-person meeting.

The process is easy: Go to, and pick a single or double date. Choose the time and neighborhood for your date, and the site text you with the time and location of your date. All the dates take place at a coffeehouse or bar--your pick. The idea is to keep the expense and the drama at a minimum.
Tango’s Take Coffeehouse or bar? Based on a date’s preference, are you allowed to prejudge them? ‘Wait a bar, in the afternoon, on a weekday, this guy may have a problem.’ This is really a great, simple idea (all the best ideas are simple or maddeningly complex, there’s really no middle territory). Essentially, this website is identical to the TV show Blind Date (thank you Roger Lodge). You just sign up and meet other people right away. Unfortunately, you have no ideas what you’re getting into. At least with the TV show, someone somewhere did a bit of vetting. You may be meeting a crazy person. We wonder if this is actually a reality show? You know they hide cameras in the bars and coffeehouses that they pick for you and watch the magic happen (or likely not happen). We wonder if they’re going to start throwing in professional athletes, porn stars, and urban outdoorsmen (it’s an insensitive euphemism for homeless). Crazy.

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