Study: Kissing Important To Relationships

Kissing Important To Relationships

From Florida Today By Keilani Best Kissing is so common that many of us don't think there's more to it than meets the lips. Kissing is a universal language - a cross-cultural phenomenon, a sign of love, affection and kindness. But it could also be nature's way of filtering certain people from our lives. For example: Have you ever thought about why you liked someone until you kissed them? According to research conducted by Gordon Gallup, a professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany, kissing is a way to weed out people who are genetically incompatible with you. Tango’s Take Merry Clayton once sang (and many people covered): If he loves you so It's in his kiss (That's where it is) Oh yeah, it's in his kiss (That's where it is) We wrapped up that Dish pretty quickly. We once read that kissing was invented by European knights as a way to see if their wives had been drinking their beer while they were on quests (we suspect that Tom Robbins lied to us). We also read that it was a way for primitive people to pass food to each other. And an anthropologist called Vaughn Bryant suggests that the move was invented around 1500 BC in India and was spread west by Alexander the Great. But that can’t be. In the movie Alexander people are kissing all over the place. And we’re pretty sure that Oliver Stone checks his facts. Check out Tango’s married blogger’s thoughts on the importance kissing. Read More Of The Original Article…