Paul McCartney Photographed Kissing Woman In The Hamptons

Paul McCartney Photographed Kissing Woman In The Hamptons

From AccessHollywood

NEW YORK, New York. (November 7, 2007) - Paul McCartney, who is in the midst of a bitter divorce from his second wife, has been photographed kissing another woman in the Hamptons.

The encounter between McCartney, 65, and Nancy Shevell, a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board, was last weekend, according to the NY Daily News, which published the picture.

Shevell, estranged wife of prominent Nassau County lawyer Bruce A. Blakeman, has a home in the Long Island resort, as does the former Beatle.
Tango’s Take Not a good week for Heather Mills. She has to think that the McCartneys are the meanest people alive. 1) Heather has a breakdown about how Macca was cruel to her and that she is not a gold digger. 2) Stella McCartney designed a piece of jewelry that is really just a single leg on a necklace. 3) Paul is photographed (above) kissing some broad on Long Island. 4) Paul reportedly wants full custody of the daughter that he and Heather had together. 5) All of Paul’s friends have started call Heather ‘Yoko’ and blame her for the break up of Wings (both the band and the TV show).

OK: We made up that last one. Still, a rough week.

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