Dallas Suburb Bans Home-based Sex Clubs

Dallas Suburb Bans Home-based Sex Clubs

From The Dallas Morning News

By Holly Yan

DUNCANVILLE — The Duncanville City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday night preventing the operation of sex clubs in residences in response to complaints from neighbors of a private swingers club.

Council member Johnette Jameson said the ordinance was the result of years of complaints about activities at the home near Cedar Ridge Drive and Interstate 20. Although the city has regulations pertaining to sexually oriented businesses, it has not been able to document business activities at the home, which is in Jameson's district.

She said the ordinance is targeting public nuisances related to the Cherry Pit club rather than what people are doing as part of the club.

Tango’s Take And Jameson added, ‘no one invited me to the swinging sex party. I like Benny Hill as much as the next gal. This is soooo unfair. I own my own sex swing. I invented a kinky version of spin the bottle. I’m fun!’ She probably didn’t say any of those things. But the main point is what exactly is a private sex club? Is it a bunch of people meeting up, drinking some chardonnay, swapping partners, doing it for a while, and then heading back home? Outside of the swapping and boning, all done by responsible adults, it sounds like a party. In fact, isn’t this essentially what some corporate holiday parties turn into? We understand the concern about parking, et cetera, but does this measure just amount to a ban on parties in people’s homes? That doesn’t sound very American. Dallas is very serious about keeping their marriages together (check out our Dish from October 9th on a kick-ass marriage boot camp), maybe a little controlled polyamory is just some couple’s way of trying to stick it out.
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