Secrets Of The Obama Marriage

Secrets Of The Obama Marriage

Michelle and Barack Obama: The 21st Century Kennedys?

Michelle still isn't widely known outside of Illinois, but the current campaign will change that. "She would be far and away the most beautiful First Lady we have ever had," says  family therapist Terrence Real, author of The New Rules of Marriage. And the marriage is a plus. "It's coming across as quite solid," he adds. "There’s a real love there." Although Michelle is every bit as accomplished as Hillary was when her husband first ran for president, Michelle's résumé (at least so far) appears to be an asset. "I think she will get better treatment—not because we are more accepting of a First Lady with a career but because she's nicer, more feminine, more traditional as a woman," says Love. "Plus they obviously love and respect one another."

Although she's untested in a grueling national campaign, Michelle promises to be a 21st century Jackie Kennedy, sophisticated and stylish, with an Ivy League education and a high-powered career.

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