Confused in Antigua

I am an Aquarius-born female, and my boyfriend is a Leo. We had been together for seven months before he went back to his country (Jamaica). He says that he doesn't know if he will be back and that I should move on, but we are still in love with each other. Two months ago I met someone at work (a Virgo), and I also have developed feelings for him. Should I move forward with the Virgo, or wait to see what happens with Mr. Jamaica?
–Confused in Antigua

- Date of Birth: 02/01/1981
- Time of Birth: 7:00 am

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Thank God you're not shipping out for the battlefront because you sound like Clara Barton-ready to sing in the key of C, kiss all the boys in uniform, and make them cry for more! From your chart it seems you can be fickle one minute (moon/Neptune an exact conjunction in Sagittarius—the rambling rose who never met a hot hunk she couldn't talk herself into falling in love with) and dead-set in a flash; Venus in Capricorn-hardhearted Hannah who will stand by her man until someone better comes along (are we tracking here-the new love at work who wants to sample before buying?); Sun and Mars in Aquarius-running wild in the streets until you catch him, and if he keeps running you step on the gas! (Lest we forget, the Leo Lothario from Jamaica.) And you have five out of ten planets in airhead signs-if you could move into that air castle, life would be beautiful, without a care in the world-not! Mercury in Pisces-major delusion-and the recent eclipse conjunct Mercury should have shed some light on how off-the-wall your dilemma is, even for an Aquarian.

Here goes my straight-laced and honest Abe answer before my computer blows a byte:
"Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park…" Your progressed moon (as we age, planets move ahead) is back in Sagittarius conjuncting delusional Neptune. Strike one. Progressed Venus is at the critical 28th degree of Aquarius-let it move a few minutes-two weeks to be exact-and your Moon will have moved into Pisces. Strike two. Your timing couldn't be worse to make a commitment work long term. Strike three. My best advice to you is to wait for, give or take, 14 months, and the man who shows up in your life will not be as waffling as your Jamaican or as hot to trot as the office romance. Exercise patience and prudence and you will avoid a big, manly mistake.

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