Katherine Heigl Sets Wedding Date


From GossipGirls.com

If you walk around Hollywood during lunchtime, there’s bound to be celebrity sightings everywhere.  A few days ago, paparazzi caught Katherine Heigl grabbing a smoke and a bite to eat.

And there’s big news for the Grey’s Anatomy babe… she’s announced the official date for her upcoming nuptials with singer Josh Kelley.

Apparently she wants to spend Christmas 2007 as “Mrs. Kelley” as Katherine and Josh have set the date for December 23rd of this year.

Tango's Take

Good deal. Pretty nice little 2007 for Katherine Heigl. Emmy victory, smash-hit comedic film performance, and a wedding. Looks like she'll need an Oscar and a baby in 2008 to improve on that. We’ve always wondered about people selecting various dates for their wedding. And we’re wondering specifically when it comes to gifts. Is Josh Kelley angling to minimize future gifts? Can a piece of nice jewelry be for the anniversary AND Christmas? How about the genius that can figure out how to land the anniversary on his wife’s birthday? Nice. And the coup de grace is the guy who figures out how to drop their anniversary on February 29th (hint: it's on a Friday in 2008, a Monday in 2112, and a Saturday in 2116). That means anniversary once every four years. Sure, the gift has to be pretty nice, but think of all the time that you’re saving on the three off years. We also wonder about people that select weekends in the Autumn. That’s football season, guy.

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