Airline Unveils Dating Plan

Airline Unveils Dating Plan


Those cozy quarters... the scarcity of armrests... the potential to get (six inches closer to) horizontal... What isn't romantic about airlines? The new Central European carrier SkyEurope must be banking on that as it builds up its SkyDate program on flights within Europe.

On the first SkyDate in June, passengers traveling between Brussels and Vienna were given the opportunity to meet 10 singles over the course of the flight. But those traveling on the upcoming London-Prague SkyDate (November 28 and 29) will have the opportunity not only to speed-date on board, but also to stay overnight in Prague and take a city tour. So in case you don't make that instant connection during the flight, maybe solid ground will be kinder.

Tango’s Take Crap. This su-su-sucks. Tango has had this idea for years. Richard Branson just wasn’t willing to do it. ‘Dude, we’re called Virgin Atlantic. We would have to be a very niche dating programme. Probably mostly religious types.’ Any way, this couldn’t have come soon enough. We’ve got the new Airbus with individual suites including a bed. Sure, they say that intercourse is frowned upon in these suites. It’s frowned upon in the lavatory too, but that doesn’t always stop people. So, long story short, act on good ideas as soon as you get them or some Central European airline is going to steal your dreams.

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Note to reader: We never spoke with Sir Richard Branson.