In The United Kingdom, Most Still Want To Marry

In The United Kingdom, Most Still Want To Marry


From The Daily Mail By Steve Doughty

I do: The new study shows that, like Liz Hurley and Arun Nayer, the majority of us still want to get married - albeit on a slightly less grand scale.

The overwhelming majority of adults want to be married, according to a survey.

More than seven out of ten would like to be wed - greater than ten times the number who want to live unmarried with a partner.

And when it comes to starting a family, there is also a clear majority in favour of marriage.

Those who would like to have children with a spouse outnumber those who want them with an unmarried partner by more than 15 to one.

Tango’s Take We had a Dish on September 12 that stated that kids aspire to have a good marriage over career goals. Is this a reaction to the perceived ‘breakdown of values’ in the West? Are people totally gung-ho about getting married but just a little gun shy because of the marriage failure rate? It’s not a very popular sentiment in all crowds, but the evidence bears out that most successful families are those with two parents that love and support each other and their children. Maybe this is becoming more evident.

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