Charlie Sheen Looking Forward To Marriage

Charlie Sheen Looking Forward To Marriage


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You have to admire Charlie Sheen's optimism.

Despite the "unnecessary circus" that his ex Denise Richards created by accusing him of some really terrible stuff, Sheen tells Extra he is still looking forward to starting a family with fiancée Brooke Mueller.

“We’re just dealing with what’s in front of us right now," he says, "and getting through all this crap...getting back to our regularly scheduled life. Then dealing with getting married and having our own family, which is exciting.”

Tango’s Take A) Being married to someone that is not Denise Richards (for Charlie Sheen) is probably a step in the right direction. We clearly have no idea about ‘what really went down.’ But it’s probably safe to assume that they’re both a few kinds of crazy. B) Is he going to tell the ‘media’ that he’s reluctant to get married again when he’s already engaged? Wouldn’t his betrothed be a little non-plussed. Or even vexed? C) We’re sensing a theme here. This ‘not getting married’ bit is running its course. Check out our Dish from September 12th on kids growing up wanting to be married and our Dish from November 5th about most Britons wanting to be married. It looks like we’re taking back the night, Generation X.

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