Setting The Record Straight: Lance Bass Marriage Joke, Tony Romo Not Dating Britney, and Katie Holmes Not Pregnant


E!: According to his publicist, Lance Bass was joking (or yolking if you use a soft ‘j’) about have a quickie Vegas wedding back around the turn of the century. We should have known. A) Lance is a wild card; he can’t be tamed. B) A woman? Cripes. How dumb are we? You got us this time, Lance Bass. We’re not going to be fooled so easily next time.

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According to The National Ledger, Tony Romo and Sophia Bush are moving right along with their ‘relationship.’ The Tony Romo – Britney rumors have been denied by both sides. Good enough, nice and neat. We were just hoping that Romo could figure out a way to become America’s Awesomest quarterback. He can still get there. This is only his first full year as a starter, he’s got time.

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US Weekly: Katie Holmes does not have a baby on deck. And her first anniversary to Tom Cruise is still a few weeks away. They haven’t been married for a year? Balderdash. Hogwash. Flapdoodle. Whatever the case, they do not have another baby on the way. And Katie and Tom are in NY the C this weekend for the Marathon. Best of luck. Run fast, lady.

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