Government Of Singapore To Accredit 30 Dating Agencies By 2010

Government Of Singapore To Accredit 30 Dating Agencies By 2010

From Channel News Asia By Wong Siew Ying

SINGAPORE: The Social Development Unit (SDU) aims to have 30 dating agencies accredited in Singapore by 2010, and industry players said this will then pave the way for an association of matchmaking companies to be formed.

Five dating agencies are set to undergo training in December to prepare to be accredited, and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) said more will be done to help level up these companies.

Tango’s Take Quick preface: We’re typically for less government interference when possible. But is accrediting dating agencies and sites a bad idea? With all the creep-bags and freaky-deaks out there it might make sense to have a little oversight of dating sites could save some heartburn. Many local law enforcement agencies track down online dirtbags on their own. But wouldn’t it make sense to have some standard for safety? Sure, some scumbags are going to avoid this detection, but having a seal of compliance may be a good idea. Maybe having too much hand-holding is a bad sign of our culture. Then again most personal trainers have some sort of accreditation and that doesn’t make us necessarily feel comfortable with them holding weights above our heads. Then again, Singapore just legalized anal and oral sex. They may be moving in a good direction.

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