Do Yoga, Improve Your Sex Life

yoga improves sex

But, as Courtney is quick to point out, words are not the only way. Take the time to be fully present—no mental grocery list, no daydreaming, no anxious gathering of fears and insecurities. Look your partner in the eye, spend time on every caress and every kiss.

If you fall into a pocket of inhibition, consider ahimsa, one of the first principles of yoga, which translates roughly to non-violence or compassion. Refraining from all judgment—of yourself and your partner—is a form of compassion that will help to make your sexual romps more liberating.

"Most people say the two things they want from sex are pleasure and closeness. But they often focus their attention on extraneous things like wondering, 'does this position make my butt look big?'" says Klein.

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So, the next time you're in downward dog, make it a sensual experience. "Feel each finger pressing into the floor, notice changes in temperature, subtle muscular shifts, and energetic movements," Courtney says. Your yoga practice will become so much more than mere exercise or a simple stress reducer. And your sex life may very well reap the benefits. "Some people consider the breath to be sacred and the body a temple," says Courtney. "If you consider the sexual act in the same way, you'll undoubtedly raise the frequency of the experience."