South Korea To Introduce Women-Only Subway Cars

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South Korea To Introduce Women-Only Subway Cars


From Reuters

SEOUL (Reuters) - The subway corporations serving South Korea's capital will introduce women-only cars next year to make rides more comfortable and free of groping male hands, a subway official said on Wednesday.

"Sexual crimes happen frequently when the cars are packed and people are pressed against each other," the subway official said.

Nearly half the crimes reported on the city's eight subway lines are sexual in nature, with many taking place on two lines that serve university and office districts, lawmaker Lee Jai-chang said in parliament on Monday.

Tango’s Take Evidently, this is a huge problem in South Korea and Japan. Packed subway cars and cultures that frown on public outbursts are sort of tailor-made for the Chester D. Molesters and David Cop-A-Feels out there. We ran a Dish on October 24, 2007 about a popular Japanese mobile phone app that is designed to intimidate subway gropers. That’s a good start. And so is throwing a few handsy people in the clink and making a spectacle about it. Maybe undercover cops would work. Or the threat of undercover cops?
What if the groping continues on the all-female subway cars? It would be like the girls’ locker room in an 80’s sex comedy. Peewee and Buddy Aames would always be trying to sneak in.

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