BBC To Debut Arranged Marriage Show

BBC To Debut Arranged Marriage Show


From The BBC

A new BBC Two show will attempt to matchmake couples by using the principles of Asian arranged marriages.

The series, Arrange Me A Marriage, will be hosted by Aneela Rahman who will assist friends and family find potential suitors for the participants.

Rahman claims her 15-year marriage is proof that arranged marriages do work and "compatibility" is crucial.

The five-part series, which starts on 22 November, will feature men and women from a variety of backgrounds.

Rahman thinks traditional British methods of finding a partner - such as hoping to find one while out drinking - are "random and likely to fail".

Tango’s Take We love the quote about finding a guy at a bar is too random to be a successful method. Good call. We wish someone did an exhaustive study of where people meet and how likely it is that there marriage is going to ‘succeed.’ And what is the definition of marital ‘success?’ Is it when one or both party dies rather than getting divorced? Back to the message; where is the study that tells us where the place people meet and have the best chance of success? Is it at a bar? Probably not. Is it in church? Doubtful. Are arranged marriages the way to go? We’re willing to bet that parents that really know their children are pretty good at making a match. Hey, 1 billion Indians and some number of Chinese can’t be wrong.

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