Study: Parents Less Stressed Than People Without Kids

Study: Parents Less Stressed Than People Without Kids


Ever think your kids are driving you crazy? A new study finds it's probably not true--parents actually have less psychological distress than non-parents.

From the day they come home from the hospital until you drop them off at college, kids bring joy and stress into a parent's life.

But a new study finds that parents actually report fewer psychological problems than their non-parenting counterparts.

Researchers analyzed a national survey of more than 33,000 American adults. They found that nine-percent of parents said they had experienced serious psychological distress in the last year, compared to 12-percent of non-parents.

Younger women with lower incomes were the most likely to have severe mental stress.

Tango’s Take ‘Kids driving you crazy?’ Priceless. We guess that the moral of the story is that busy parents don’t have ‘time’ to get the blues. That they’ve got a mission to get these little shavers to soccer practice, to school, to the dentist, and back home for a healthy dinner. They don’t have time to feel badly about winning the top prize in the Sarah Lawrence fiction contest and then quitting writing to take on a job in advertising, they have a macaroni casserole to make. And are all of these single, young women stressing out because they don’t have a family and kids? Or is it the agonizing choice between a new pair of Christian Lacroix’s and visiting home for Thanksgiving.
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