Dog Parks On The Rise As Places For Singles To Meet

Dog Parks On The Rise As Places For Singles To Meet


From The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Sherrard Foster's marriage of 30 years broke up recently, and she's now going through a painful divorce. Her elderly father died a few weeks ago after a lengthy illness. And her multiple sclerosis is advancing again after years of remission.

Amid all that heartache, though, there's still one thing she looks forward to every day: spending a couple of hours with her best friends, and her golden retriever Abby, at a dog park.

"I'd be suicidal if I didn't have this park," Foster, 62, said recently as she sat on a picnic table surrounded by friends - and dogs - at Fort Ethan Allen park in suburban Arlington, Va. "Coming here is the central part of my day. I couldn't live without it."

Tango’s Take Finally, a place for dog-lovers and people-likers to meet. Apparently, this has been a trend among Los Angelinos for some time. As was it illustrated by on the ‘comedy’ sensation Entourage last season. In fact, a whole sub-culture of people is totally into this (Check out an article from Tango about people meeting at bars with their dogs: Sky Bark). We knew a bunch of dudes in college that got dogs to attract girls, we guess we’re more equal-opportunity these days. We wonder if a dog-renting is just around the corner. So we can now add date magnet to the uses of dogs companionship, guarding stuff, shepherding, rescue, drug/ bomb sniffing, guiding the blind, being used in elaborate cons (per British rapper The Streets), and hunting (but not fighting each other). Man’s best friend indeed.

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