NYC City Hall To Class Up Its Wedding Chapel

NYC City Hall To Class Up Its Wedding Chapel

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New York City Creates it's First "Las Vegas-Style" Wedding Chapel

Watch out Las Vegas!

New York City is officially throwing its (groom's) hat and (a wedding veil) into the ring and taking on Las Vegas to compete as a top spot for destination weddings.

For years, the office of the Marriage Bureau in the New York City Clerks Office in lower Manhattan has offered dingy, unromantic little room as their "wedding chapel." There, couples would line up in the dozens to get hitched for $27 dollars (up from $5 dollars as of 20 years ago).

Despite the lack of pizzazz, it has it's own kind of offbeat charm, and couples and entire families have been spotted (especially Fridays) waiting for their number to be called and to be ushered into the tiny chapel for a ceremony so short they'd take a breath and it would be over.

Tango’s Take Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There is not much of a chance that NYC is ever going to compete with Las Vegas for impromptu wedding services. The only way that could change is if A) gambling is legalized in New York, B) ecstasy is put in the water supply, or C) illegal aliens can get a quickie marriage there. Then again, everything about Mayor Mike is fabulous. If he could put together a great little chapel and get a few celebrities to show up, this could just work. Or New York could start marrying gays but only at that chapel. That could do it.

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