Chinese City Bans Suggestive Personals Ads

Chinese City Bans Suggestive Personals Ads

From Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - A northern Chinese city has banned the use of "seductive" words like "foxy lady," "handsome guy" and "moneybags" in marriage advertisements in a bid to stamp out fraud, domestic media reported Tuesday.

Many Chinese people still go to marriage brokers to arrange suitable life partners for their children, and often turn to adverts carried in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet.

But after a series of complaints from people who said they had been cheated -- although how was not explained -- Henan provincial capital Zhengzhou is reining in the industry, the Beijing News said.

Tango’s Take The Chinese government has done a good job lately of reminding the world that they are an authoritarian state. First they cut sexy television programming (see The Dish from September 6th) and then they ban sexy advertisements (see The Dish from October 1st). And now they give the thumbs down to catchy personals ads. What’s next a policy that only allows people to have one child? Sure, Chairman Mao would probably be rolling over in his grave if he knew that there were lingerie ads on billboards in downtown Beijing but how would he feel about supporting a brutal military junta in Burma or genocide in Sudan?
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