Viennese Divorce Fair Draws A Small Crowd

Viennese Divorce Fair Draws A Small Crowd


From The Associated Press By George Jahn

VIENNA, Austria --
In a city where "I do" often turns into "I want out," a fair for those wanting to untie the knot seemed a sure hit.

But journalists easily outnumbered those looking for advice on how to end their marriages on Saturday, the first day of what was billed as the world's first divorce fair.

Detectives were ready to catch a spouse in the act, mediators to help ease the pain of separation, a laboratory to conduct paternity tests, and, of course, lawyers to do everything else.

So where were all those in struggling marriages?

Tango’s Take We’re willing to bet, even if their culture does have more divorces, that no one is exactly proud of it. And wouldn’t it be weird to bump into your spouse at one of these things? “I was hiring a detective to see if you were cheating on me. Funny how these things work out. Wanna have reconciliation sex? This is a hotel.” We’re amazed that A) someone thought this was a really good idea; B) that they brought the press in droves; C) the Viennese get divorced at a clip of 66%; and D) that no one thought of this in Los Angeles or Las Vegas yet.

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