Seattle Cemetary Brings The Romance

Seattle Cemetary Brings The Romance


From The Seattle Post Intelligencer By Brad Wong

The well-manicured grounds at the Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery offer tranquility for thousands of souls. Under grave markers rests a broad section of Seattle residents, including Civil War veterans.

Widows often sit on the turf and talk to loved ones at the North Seattle cemetery. In July, a 93-year-old woman and her daughter died of gunshot wounds at the cemetery in what police believe was a suicide pact. Police believe the elderly woman wanted to be next to her dead husband.

With Halloween approaching, some might view cemeteries as morbid places -- where angry souls lurk, bloodsuckers fill up, Goth kids meet and pale workers toil under full moons.

Tango’s Take Well then. Who would have thought that Tim Burton was really onto something with that Corpse Bride animation bit? Isn’t this how every horror movie start? Either someone is performing an arcane ceremony or some randy teens are looking for a place to do it. Enjoy the macabre setting, weirdos. We guess that there is even solemnity in a graveyard for it to be a passable location for a funeral. It’s a lot better than the aquarium. Unless you met at the aquarium. Or are big fans of Jaws, Jaws II, and Jaws III but not Jaws IV. Or if one of you is a mermaid (or merman, pop). Enjoy Halloween.

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