Couples Face The Greatest Risk Of Divorcing Before Fifth Anniversary

Couples Face The Greatest Risk Of Divorcing Before Fifth Anniversary


From The Daily Mail By Steve Doughty

Married couples are at their greatest risk of divorcing just before their fifth anniversary, it is claimed.

A study suggests that we tire of our partners far sooner than we did in the 50s, when the danger point was the 'seven-year itch'.

Five decades on more women are pursuing careers - which can place extra stress on a relationship - and divorce has become increasingly acceptable.

Tango’s Take The five-year itch? Are we even trying anymore? Did society start collapsing around us before or after Murphy Brown has a baby as a single mother? Did Dan Quayle misspell ‘tomato’ but accurately predict the downfall of marriage? Does society’s collapse go farther back? Are readily available credit and no fault divorces to blame? In that case, is the subprime mortgage fiasco bad for the economy but good for relationships? We’re pretty sure that the answer to all of those questions is ‘NO,’ but we wonder if there was an inflection point when 'family values' went sideways. At any rate, Tango ran an article debunking some widely held beliefs, like the Seven-Year Itch (we did in four) (See Let’s Talk About Sex)and just because we’re feeling frisky today: Two old Dishes: German Politician Wants To Create Seven-Year Marriage Pacts and Study Shows Love Lasts Roughly Three Years. Enjoy.

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