Get the Party Started

Get the Party Started



Love to play host? Tango and Bloomingdale’s have teamed up to help you and your other half throw a party—without throwing a fit. Head over to the 59th Street store in New York on October 24th (Click here for more dates and venues) for The New Rules of Entertaining, an event for couples who want to elevate their wining and dining talents.

Perfect the art of couples cooking with award-winning chef Scott Conant, and enjoy a cocktail while picking up home décor tips from design guru Thomas O’Brien. And for the newly-engaged folks in attendance, baker extraordinaire Ron Ben-Israel will offer a presentation on elegant wedding cakes.

Join us for the festivities and RSVP here.

And if you’re rolling solo these days, we have you covered, too. Tango is hosting its next singles event—Flirtation Celebration—on the evening of Thursday, October 25th. We’ll be gathering at The Slipper Room on Orchard Street, New York for live burlesque and go-go dancing. So slip into your come-hither best, grab a martini, and behold the show—and the crowd. Who knows who you’ll meet?

Don’t pass up the 2-hour open bar and the city’s hottest singles. RSVP here.
Can’t wait to see you there!



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