Lance Bass Suspected Justin Timberlake Was Gay

From LOS ANGELES - Lance Bass first thought the majority of ‘NSYNC was gay. The former boy band member was asked, by GQ in their November issue, about the sexuality of his band mates. “When we were in the group, we thought Justin was gay, because he told us he wanted to do a gay part in a movie,” said Bass. The gay speculation did not stop with Justin Timberlake. Bass, along with other members in the group, questioned Chris Kirkpatrick’s sexuality.

Tango’s Take Shouldn’t the headline be: Lance Bass hoped Timberlake was gay. And they questioned Chris Kirkpatrick’s sexual identity. Let us get this straight (buh dum pah!), a bunch of young guys accused their buddies of being gay and it’s news? While we guess JT is probably not gay, the same logic that made the characters from Clueless think Christian was gay is in effect. If someone can dance and dresses well, then his buddies are going to assume that he’s gay. That being said, we’re pretty sure that every member of a boy band assumes his band-mates are gay and may even suspect himself of being gay. “You know how we know you’re gay? You DVR-ed Oprah. In hi-def.” Read More Of The Original Article…

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