Britney Spears Hangs Out With Tony Romo Over The Weekend

Britney Spears Hangs Out With Tony Romo Over The Weekend

Are Tony Romo and Britney Spears an item? Or just friends?

From People

After a long court hearing for her custody battle on Friday, Britney Spears hit the town with her longtime friend Alli Sims – and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

The pop star, dressed in a masquerade ball mask, and Sims, first made a quick stop at the L.A. restaurant Ketchup where Romo was having dinner.

"[Spears] walked around the restaurant into the lounge where she met up with some people," an observer tells PEOPLE. "She didn't eat or drink ...[It] seemed like she was rounding up people to go [out]. She was very friendly and smiley, in and out."

Tango’s Take We don’t want to take any credit for this, but we did run a Dish last week about Romo’s need to step his game on and off the field if he wanted to compete with the likes of Tom Brady. While they’re probably just acquaintances, landing a resurgent Britney Spears would be as much of a coup as Tony could hope for. His Cowboys are arguably the best or second best team in his conference, that being said, he could face Brady again in the Super Bowl. If he could get Britney as the halftime act, pull off a Super Bowl upset (assuming both teams make it), then tell the world that “I’m going to Disney World with Britney Spears” after receiving the championship trophy then we could see him as one-upping Tom Brady. We wonder if he could one-up Payton Manning’s performance on Saturday Night Live though.

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