Routine Adjustment

Two days ago I became a redhead. I’ve been a blond all of my life. Never have I colored my hair; highlights yes, color, no. I decided to be a little wild and try something new. Most would call the color strawberry blonde, but to me, this is RED. I like it, Steve loves it (with a curious gleam in his eyes!), my son Chris said, “uh, what did you do?”, and my daughter Sami likes it (on this same day she more daringly colored her hair real red – my inspiration).

Now each time I look in the mirror I’m a bit surprised, and pleasantly so. And this got me thinking about how pleasurable it can be to step out of the box of routine. And thinking this: why stop at the hair? I’m not talking cosmetic surgery here (although a new nose is tempting), but about other routines I could shake up a little bit. And with this blog in mind, I thought in particular about routines that Steve and I have established.

Of course, there’s the hot little item that flashes first into the brain (well, mine anyway): SEX. You know, the positions, locations, attire, etc…that become a couple’s “norm”. But that’s talked about all the time; we all know that to stand routine on its head in the bedroom (another position? Why not?) is healthy for long term relationships. So I’m going to pass sex. This time.

Instead, try this.

How about altering your Friday night routine? Instead of a night in front of the TV (not that there’s anything wrong with that), how about going to a live performance of some sort? When is the last time you took the effort to go to a play, or a concert? Do it. Try it. See what pleasure it can bring.

How about changing up your Sunday family dinner routine?
AN IDEA: Make finger food, spread out a blanket, and have a picnic while playing Monopoly. The whole family (even your teen-agers – make it mandatory) and see what fun it is (even for the teens).

How about varying your bedtime routine? (on the night that sex isn’t happening) AN IDEA: Instead of reading your own books, read aloud to each other. I find that books full of humor work best for this.

How about your morning routine?
AN IDEA….can simply be going out for breakfast together before work.

Grocery shopping routine….take the whole family and try to buy only red (the color of my month!) items. You might have to spend time together before going to the store to figure it out how to make your menus work!

How about walking together to the store for milk?
How about taking a shower together in the morning?
How about trading chores for the evening?
How about doing NO chores for a week?

Are the ideas churning? Hope so. Just think of what you habitually do week to week and see what you can do differently. Not forever, just for awhile, or just once. (And don’t be afraid of getting too silly or sappy. That sometimes is the point.) See what pleasure you can find outside your box of routines.

This concludes another view from my married life.